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At LivingRite, we recognize that at times life happens in a way that requires help through the use of counseling services. We also recognize that your step towards overcoming these obstacles may involve several avenues of treatment, and we have a variety of ways to address your needs.  If you would like to see what others have said about us, you can visit our Testimonials page by clicking here.

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A Uniquely Confidential Environment

We recognize that entering into counseling is sometimes a difficult decision.  Thoughts regarding anonymity and confidentiality often arise.  We also understand that the communities we serve can be quite small, which often leads individuals to avoid getting the counseling services they may need. Although we believe that receiving counseling is a very healthy and important decision, stigma regarding involvment continues to exist.  Therefore, at LivingRite we have made extra efforts to protect your confidentiality:

1. Our offices are located in professional buildings with varying businesses and services. When waiting for your counseling appointment, you will not be designated as receiving psychological counseling services.

2. Our offices are subtly marked with our logo, literature and marketing materials. It does not appear outwardly obvious to others that you are entering a behavioral health center. 

3. We have a small waiting room. Although you will not be designated as a therapy client when waiting for counseling services, we also do not have a busy waiting room with many clients sitting together at the same time. It is likely that you will be the only one waiting for services at any given time.  We also offer the option to "text" your way into our Virtual Waitint Room system, which eliminates the need for you to wait in a waiting room.  To learn more about our Virtual Waiting Room, please click here.

4. We have created offices that mimick a home-like environment. We hope that you have a comfortable experience at LivingRite and therefore, we have created rooms that help facilitate that experience.



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