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LivingRite’s PTSD and Trauma Recovery Clinic provides individuals the opportunity to obtain specialized, individualized treatment in the areas of trauma and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). We provide evidence-based treatments including Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), Prolonged Exposure Therapy (PE), and Eye-Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR). Our Clinic Specialists have extensive training, supervision, and experience in providing trauma-focused interventions to address your specific needs.

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Why Seek Treatment?

Many people experience a traumatic event at some point in their lives. Some people naturally recover from these events and are able to move on with their lives with little difficulty. For some people, however, the natural recovery process does not occur, and they develop symptoms that interfere with functioning in social, academic, and/or occupational areas, and result in a diagnosis of a trauma-related disorder. Symptoms can lead to severe impairment that can result in individuals being unable to function in their roles as parents/caregivers, co-workers, students, etc. For these individuals, specialized treatment aimed at reducing trauma-related symptoms can be an effective way to understand better their experiences and symptoms, gain control, and ultimately get back into their lives!

Specialized Treatment Options

The following empirically-validated, evidence-based treatments for Trauma and PTSD are offered at the PTSD and Trauma Recovery Clinic.

Prolonged Exposure Therapy (PE) is a form of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy that includes: Psycho-education, real world practice, and talking through the trauma. The last two parts of PE incorperate exposure-based interventions that are designed to reduce avoidance of trauma reminders and improve feelings of competency and control.

Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) is a form of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy that focuses on the following: knowledge of PTSD symptoms, awareness of thoughts and feelings, learning skills, and modifying maladaptive beliefs about the self, others, and the trauma. CPT therapists work with their clients in an effort to develop a new way of dealing with traumatic experiences.

Eye-Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) is a psychotherapy approach that focuses on allowing inappropriate emotions, beliefs, and body sensations to be properly processed and stored in the brain. Problematic information resulting from unresolved earlier experiences is discarded and replaced by emotions that will direct individuals toward healthier living.

What can I expect?

Treatment begins with an assessment of your symptoms and getting a better understanding of how your traumatic experiences have impacted your life. You and your therapist will then develop a treatment plan to fit your needs and discuss how treatment can be helpful in reducing your symptoms over the long-run. Your therapist will then provide educational information in order to help you better understand your anxiety and other emotions. When you are ready, you will work on processing and dealing with the traumatic experience. All therapeutic approaches involve approaching things that you might normally avoid. Through various exercises that you do in session and at home on your own, your symptoms can resolve quickly. These treatment approaches are typically effective within 12-16 sessions of active treatment! 

How do I get started?

If you are interested in meeting with one of our therapists, please review the profiles of our Trauma Specialists below. If you wish to schedule an appointment, please click here to set up an appointment.

Our Specialists


Stephanie HawotteStephanie Hawotte, M.A., LCPC, Clinical Lead, Stephanie completed her Master’s Degree in Counseling from New Mexico Highlands University and has been working in the mental health field for nearly 20 years. Before attending graduate school, Stephanie worked as a professional researcher in a lab running research studies examining stress response and anxiety. After completing her master’s degree she worked as a counselor in the local community and school district working with at risk children and families, many of whom were dealing with trauma. Stephanie has also worked in a residential treatment program where her focus was solely on treating adolescents with significant histories of trauma and other mental health concerns. Stephanie has obtained advanced training in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Trauma Informed Care through the Child Trauma Institute, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy. In addition she has completed Level 1 and 2 EMDR training. Her focus is on continuing to pursue advanced training and supervision in the area of trauma informed care specifically for veterans.   

Kristi BrowerKristi Brower, Psy.D. LCP Kristi completed her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology at Illinois School of Professional Psychology-Chicago, where she was able to complete an intensive course and receive certification in EMDR.  She is certified as a Level 1 and Level 2 EMDR therapist.  Level 2 certification is the highest level of certification and provides therapists a heightened understanding of EMDR, additional tools within the EMDR model, and with skills for processing more complex trauma cases.  Dr. Brower also completed her doctoral dissertation on the "Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing for the Treatment of Psychological Distress Caused by Recurrent Cancer Diagnosis" where she was able to explore both the symptoms of PTSD and trauma associated with a cancer diagnosis as well as finding therapeutic interventions to successfully treat these individuals.  In addition to expanding research on EMDR, Kristi has successfully treated many individuals with trauma/PTSD since her training and certification in 2003.  Kristi is a member of the American Psychological Association (APA) and the American Psychological Association Division 38 (Health Psychology). 

Katherine HarrisKatherine Harris, Ph.D., LCP  Katherine completed her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology at Northern Illinois University, where she was a member of the Anxiety Disorders Lab. She completed her internship at the Ann Arbor VA, where she was a member of the PTSD clinical team. She completed her postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor VA consortium, where she received specialized training in advanced diagnosis and treatment of Anxiety Disorders, OCD, and PTSD. She has received extensive supervision and training in the use of CBT exposure-based interventions for Anxiety Disorders, OCD, and trauma, and her knowledge in this field is represented by publications and presentations at national conferences. Dr. Harris provides CPT and PE.




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