About Me

I was born into a large family of seven in the northwest suburbs of Chicago and have five older sisters and one younger brother. After completing my undergraduate degree in Psychology at Eastern Illinois University, I began my career at Loyola University Medical Center as a Neuropsychology Technician where I administered psychological, neuropsychological and educational tests to patients with closed head injuries.  Five years later, I decided to pursue my Masters in Public Health degree at Northern Illinois University.  As a Research Assistant in the Department of Allied Health there, I partook in a research grant funded by the National Institute of Drug Abuse where I interviewed chemically dependent adolescents and their family members to identify factors influential to long-term sobriety.  In addition, I carried out a research study at the Regional Organ Bank of Illinois entitled “Organ Donation:  A Comparative Analysis of Organ Donor Families versus Non-donor Families.”  Here I was afforded the opportunity to interview numerous organ donor and non-donor families to assess the organ donation process in response to the nationwide organ donor shortage.   

Having dealt with alcoholism in my own family and being a transplant recipient myself, these were some of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  After working in positions that called for direct patient and client care, I accepted an opportunity to work on the other end of the healthcare spectrum, that of Healthcare Administration.  For ten years I worked in the Department of Patient Safety and Quality in the Alexian Brothers Hospital Network (ABHN) collecting data on a wide range of patient populations to improve the quality of care being delivered to them.  It was here that I developed a greater understanding of the mission and values set forth by health care providers to make available the best possible healthcare to those in need based on integrity, compassion and understanding.  Much to my surprise, working with Hospital Administration in this capacity proved to be every bit as rewarding as working directly with clients and patients as it allowed me to play an integral part in hospital wide process improvement initiatives.  Over the years, regardless of  what environment I worked in,  one thing that remained constant for me then and now, is my sincere interest to ensure patients and clients seeking physical, mental and emotional assistance in times of need receive the quality of care we all so deserve.

Psychological Testing

As a psychometrician, I currently conduct psychological testing for a variety of difficulties (e.g., ADHD, Learning Disabilities, diagnostic testing) on children, adolescents, and adults.