About Me

I was raised in Wheeling, Illinois. Growing up, I was always that person that people came to for help or assistance during a difficult time. I didn’t think much of this as a teenager but as I aged, I felt this pattern of behavior probably meant something about myself that I didn’t realize. After enrolling at Eastern Illinois University, I declared a major or Psychology and pursed my undergraduate degree in the Psychological Sciences. During my course work, I was guided by professors who aided me in furthering my love of the mind and my passion for assisting others. I was fortunate enough to be apart of research groups that focused on cognitive processes and the relationship it plays in our day to day actions. After completing my undergraduate degree, I decided to pursue my Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from The Adler School of Professional Psychology in downtown Chicago. At Adler, my love for the mind only grew as I was enriched by professors who were experts in the field and who could guide my passion. While at Adler, I was trained in assessment, interventions and given the theoretical knowledge and background I would need to be successful as a therapist. During graduate school, I was fortunate to complete two clinical internships that focused on providing care in an outpatient clinical setting as well as working with children who were on the autism spectrum. Each opportunity furthered my appreciation for the mind and what it can do for us daily.  After completion of my Master’s program, I began working as an outpatient therapist in a nursing home setting. During this time, I was working with residents of the nursing home on developing skills that would aid them in appreciating who they were and what they can appreciate about themselves. Working in this setting allowed me to further myself and prepare for my career as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor so I can provide the best care throughout my career. Throughout my years of counseling, I have learned that a connection in therapy is of the utmost importance and allows for a basis of trust and understanding that I want to emulate to my clients.  My goal is to provide clients with the best care by tailoring my approach to fit their needs with the most appropriate evidence based therapeutic practice. I focus on providing care for children, teens, adults, couples and families to the best of my ability.