About Me

I was born in New Jersey and raised in the sunny state of Florida.  I attended the University of South Florida Tampa and graduated with my Bachelors of Arts in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences.  I am often asked what took me away from the warmth, sand and palm trees.  I decided to face the cold and snow to attend graduate school at Loyola University Chicago.

My internships through Loyola helped to develop my clinical skills and hone my compassion into approaches for building relationships with diverse populations.  I worked with Chicago youth experiencing homelessness, adolescents in gangs and used psychoeducation to reduce gang violence.

After Earning my Master of Social Work with a concentration in Mental Health, I chose to stay in Illinois.  I have hands on experience working with domestic violence survivors, people struggling with eating disorders, as well as those with anxiety and depression.  I also have
assisted families in coping with the many transitions of life.

I come from a family that dedicates their lives to helping others.  Passion, empathy and wholeheartedness are engrained in me and these characteristics are apparent throughout my therapy sessions.  I have experience with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.  My intention is to work with my clients in the therapeutic process to achieve his/her goals and improve their quality of life.  I am very passionate about my work and am excited to have the opportunity to work in tandem with people to enhance their life’s journey.

Areas of Clinical Specialty

Eating Disorders

I have worked extensively with eating disorders at a residential level.  In doing so, I became passionate about exploring clients’ past experiences, boosting self-esteem and empowering clients to communicate needs in order to deter from unhealthy behaviors.  It is important to understand the behaviors are not about food and more about coping with strong emotions.  I provide a safe place to talk about emotions where a client can be vulnerable to work on improving quality of life. I am currently the Eating Disorders Specialty Team Lead. 

Domestic Violence

The impact of domestic violence on a person’s life is detrimental.  I have worked with survirvors of domestic violence in finding safety and building a new life.  The strength and courage that I witness in working with survivors is extraordinary.  I can assist in navigating through difficult situations and redeveloping survivors’ self-worth.

Mood Disorders

I have worked with clients experiencing a myriad of mood disorders.  A few examples are anxiety and depression, which can be debilitating.  I am able to assist in coping with anxiety, battle depression and facing the challenges that life presents.  In sessions, I will help the client learn the skills necessary to decrease anxiety and challenge depression.