Check out our NEW way to Check in!

At LivingRite, one of our highest priorities is to make sure that our clients feel comfortable and safe throughout their experience with our practice. We realize that for some, therapy can at times provoke feelings of anxiousness, vulnerability and apprehension. We also understand that seeing a therapist, especially when living in a small community, can raise concerns of maintaining confidentiality and privacy. With this in mind, we have decided to help our clients feel more comfortable by implementing our new “Virtual Waiting Room.” Our Virtual Waiting Room is a system that affords our clients the choice to check in virtually from anywhere by using their cell phone. Clients will be able to check in while waiting in their car, waiting outside, or on their way to their appointment. Once their therapist is ready to begin their appointment, they will receive a text message indicating that their therapist is ready and which room to proceed to. With our confidential and discrete virtual check-in system, we offer our clients the ability to eliminate the sometimes awkward and tedious time spent in waiting rooms.

No longer is it necessary to check in with an administrative assistant, where some feel uncomfortable having their name announced along with who they are there to see while others are present. Nor will it be necessary for someone to call your name when your therapist is ready to begin your appointment. The check in process is simple and discrete, where only you and your therapist know when you have arrived, and when it’s time to begin your appointment.

There are two ways to check in for your appointment using our Virtual Waiting Room system:

1. Checking in via text messaging:

Checking in via your cell phone is simple. Determine which city you are seeing your therapist in and follow these steps:

1. Text ” Greenville Therapy ” to (310) 494-2764

2. Follow the prompts: (It will ask you to respond with the last name of your therapist, so make sure you know who you are seeing!  If you’re not sure, call our administrative staff at (864) 469-3268.)

Your therapist will receive a confidential notification that you have arrived for your appointment. Once your therapist is ready, they will send you a text message indicating which room to proceed to.  You may then proceed to the specified room to begin your appointment.  It’s that simple!

2. No Cell Phone? No Problem! Check in with our receptionist in the waiting room:

If you don’t have a cell phone, or do not want to check in using your cell phone, you can check in with the receptionist in our office. Once you have completed checking in, have a seat and your therapist will come get you when they are ready to begin your appointment.