About Me

I was born in Elgin, Illinois and spent my summers on Long Island, New York. I attended Ithaca College in Upstate New York where I received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. During my undergraduate experience, I worked in the Student Counseling Center as well as participated on a research team focusing on social and relational dynamics with college students. As a research assistant, I had the opportunity to work with a professor who helped me see the strengths in becoming a Marriage and Family Therapist. I knew I wanted to work with a variety of populations and she helped guide me to see that marriage and family therapy would allow me to do just that.

From there I went on to attend Northern Illinois University where I received a Master of Science in Applied Family and Child Studies with a Specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy. During my graduate studies I participated in NIU’s LGBT Ally training and attended seminars for Internal Family Systems Theory and Couples Therapy. 

Areas of Specialty

I have experience working with children as young as four years old, adolescents, adults, couples, and families and have a strong tie to the systems dynamic in my clinical work. I work with children and adolescents experiencing a wide variety of concerns including anxiety, depression, social isolation and bullying, family and parent-child conflict, school concerns, and a multitude of other presenting issues. I work from a compassionate, strengths-based approach and promote positive, healthy change through self-advocacy.  I will be working with adults and children with a focus on couples and family therapy at LivingRite, the Center for Behavioral Health at the Sycamore location.

Certificates and Supplemental Training

I work largely from a Bowen Family Therapy approach while also utilizing a great deal of Cognitive Behavioral and Solution-Focused interventions to assist my clients in actualizing the change they wish to see in their lives. Working from a systemic perspective with individuals, couples, and families allows me to aid my clients in seeing how their past is currently impacting their present concerns. In addition, I promote the process of change through differentiation of self and gaining an understanding of how individuals work and function within a system. I recently underwent a training in the Certificate Program in Traumatic Stress Studies through the Trauma Center at JRI and have also received training to become a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. I recently attended the Childhood Trauma Symposium to increase my efforts in being an effective trauma-informed clinician.