Dr. Demaray is a psychological assessment supervisor with LivingRite.  She provides oversight and supervision to postdoctoral fellows and licensed clinical psychologists for psychological testing services.  

About Me

I was raised the suburbs of Minneapolis Minnesota.  I headed to the University of Wisconsin to obtain my Bachelors of Science degree (1991) in psychology and I ended up staying there for 10 years.  I went on to obtain both my Masters degree (1994) and my doctoral degree (1998) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I obtained my graduate degrees in Educational Psychology with a specialty in School Psychology.  I moved to Omaha, Nebraska to complete an internship in behavioral pediatrics at Munroe-Meyer Institute at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Following graduate school, I went directly into academics.  Currently, I am a Professor in the Psychology Department at Northern Illinois University.  I have been at NIU for 22 years.  I enjoy training future psychologists and conducting research. I completed post-doctoral supervision hours at the NIU Psychological Services Center and in local schools in order to become a Licensed Clinical Psychologist.  Additionally, I have an Illinois license in School Psychology.

I conduct research on bullying and victimization in schools, including bystander behavior and cyberbullying.  My research also focused on the role of social support in the lives of youth and how that is related to academic and social emotional outcomes.  In 2017, I obtained the NIU Presidential Research Award.  I also just completed a five-year term as the Editor of the Journal of School Psychology. 

Areas of Specialty

School Psychology – I have expertise in consulting and working with schools regarding assessment and intervention needs for students.

Psychological Assessment – I have consistently taught the assessment sequence for our school and clinical psychology students, including cognitive assessment.  Currently, I am teaching the social-emotional assessment course and behavioral assessment course.

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder  (ADHD)– I have worked in an ADHD Assessment Clinic and have expertise in both assessment and intervention for ADHD.