At LivingRite, we are proud of the quality of services we provide, and would like to share some of our client’s comments regarding our services.  If you are interested in submitting a testimonial, or would like to comment your experience with LivingRite, please click the link below.

Client Satisfaction Survey

“…I wish there was a way to truly explain how I feel, how truly thankful, and appreciative I am for all that my therapist has done.  If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have made all the changes I have made in my life.  I wouldn’t have come to terms with everything I have gone through, and I finally feel as if I understand myself now…”  18-year-old Female

“…I came into therapy with a lot of skepticism and didn’t think I would be able to open up like I did.  He was very easy to talk to and the sessions didn’t feel like therapy, they felt like talking about problems I was having in my life with a friend who has GREAT advice…”  22-year-old Female

“…My therapist was able to break down my wall that I had up for over twenty years.  I have this trust and faith in her that I never thought was even possible.  She got me to open up about things that I had suppressed or forgotten about for years, and she helped me cope and even accept it…”  21-year-old Female

“…Thank you for an amazing year!  I am so grateful for your work, and all the lives you have touched…”  42-year-old Female

“…We are overwhelmed at the effort and extent that our therapist went for us.  We cannot thank her enough…”  52-year-old Female, 53-year-old Male

“…The level of care, compassion and professionalism from my provider and LivingRite were of the highest degree.  I can’t say enough about how truly helpful and understanding my therapist was.  He is articulate, knowledgeable and considerate.  I felt as though I was going in to talk to an old friend.  An old friend who know exactly how I was thinking and hot to help me through my situation.  My experience with LivingRite and my therapist was a rewarding one that I will never forget, and I am thankful every day for what they have done for me…”  22-year-old Male

“…These past few months have tested me in ways I have never imagined, and my therapist was there for me every step of the way.  They encouraged me, opened my eyes, and embraced me when I needed it most…”  22-year-old Female

“…My therapist’s smile is heartfelt, her words are inspirational and encouraging. Her presence is calming, and her spirit is contagious.  She truly is wonderful and amazing at what she does.  I am thankful for everything that she does for so many people…”  27-year-old Female

“…I’m having a garage sale, and I’d love for you to come.  I love you, I like seeing you…” 4-year-old Female

“…You are proof that one life can have a positive influence on so many…” 30-year-old Female

“…I know God works in miraculous ways, and I just want to thank Him for connecting me to your counseling when he did.  I know who ever you meet will benefit in so many ways by your sessions…”  35-year-old Female

“…I am touched by my therapist’s thoughtfulness, I am lifted by their kindness, I am renewed by her goodness.  Thank you…”  44-year-old Female

“…You really worked hard with a big heart.  Thank you…”  35-year-old Male